A small selection of the autumn/winter collection 2017

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Hemd 00/D0008/1992/90 00/D0008/1992/90

Hemd 32/D00047865/2 32/D00047865/2

Hemd 34/D0004/663/1 34/D0004/663/1

Hemd 34/D0020/656/1 34/D0020/656/1

Hemd 34/D0034/638/1 34/D0034/638/1

Hemd 34/D0034/665/2 34/D0034/665/2

Hemd 34/D0036/646/2 34/D0036/646/2

Hemd 34/D0054/660/1 34/D0054/660/1

Hemd 34/D0076/654/1 34/D0076/654/1

Hemd 00/4660H/850/1 00/4660H/850/1

Hemd 34/4408/613/2 34/4408/613/2

Hemd 34/4409/561/1 34/4409/561/1

Hemd 34/4418/549/2 34/4418/549/2

Hemd 34/4639/546/1 34/4639/546/1

Hemd 34/4937H/641/1 34/4937H/641/1

Hemd 34/4992H/586/2 34/4992H/586/2

Hemd 34/4996/579/1 34/4996/579/1